Harry Eng Bottle

This is a Harry Eng bottle. Harry liked to make people think. And during his lifetime he is supposed to have made around 600 of these 'impossible bottles.' Which have certainly made a lot of people think.

The nylon rope is threaded through the pack of cards, tied into a tight knot, then threaded through a wooden ball, and then tied into another tight knot - all inside the bottle! There is also a bolt that passes through the pack of cards.

How did the pack of cards get into the bottle? And the bolt, which passes through the pack, virtually touches the glass at each side. There is no trick - the glass was not blown around the objects. Everything inside the bottle was passed through the neck. Somehow.

Knots were one of his trademarks - every bottle will have a knot inside it. Some of his bottles (although not this one) have coins or metal washers inside that are too big to have gone through the neck of the bottle.

We do know that Harry Eng invented a special vice which could be taken apart, put inside a bottle, and then assembled INSIDE the bottle. This would allow metal objects to be bent and/or straightened. Once the job was done, the vice could be taken apart, and removed from the bottle.

It has certainly made us think!

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