The Great British Duck Race

A friend of ours fished this little plastic duck out of the River Thames recently. Just escaped from someone's bath you might think? Well, this little duck had certainly escaped, but not from the bath as it happens. The little number on the underside - 98620 - gives it away. Plus the fact it was found in September 2007.

This duck had taken part in the Great British Duck Race, and had set a Guiness World Record for doing so.

On 2nd September 2007, at the inaugural 'Great British Duck Race', 165,000 plastic ducks took to the water, all competing for a range of prizes, with a top prize of 10,000.

With a variety of celebtrity presenters, and two thousand spectators all determined to have a quacking time, it was an event not to be missed. Money was raised for charity.

The ducks were all supposed to have been collected from the river, ready for next year's race. However this little duck obviously had other ideas, and made a break for freedom!

You can visit the web site and see pictures of the event, and even get a Duck Race wallpaper for your desktop! See The Great British Duck Race for details.

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