Dinner in the Sky

This is not a trick photo - these diners really are sitting round a table 50 metres in the air!

'Dinner in the Sky' is a company based in Belgium that can help you host the ultimate hospitality event or corporate launch.

The company turns up with a huge crane, and will enable you to lay on an event that clients will remember. Especially those with a head for heights! You could have a table for 22 diners plus 3 staff for a 'restauant in the sky', or maybe a high level board meeting.

This particular dining event was held in front of Amiens cathedral. The diners certainly had a closer view of the carved stonework on the front of the cathedral than normal visitors! They were literally 'dining with the saints'!

It is even possible to have a second crane and a second platform, holding maybe a pianist to entertain your guests.

To see more pictures and even videos of different events, visit Dinner in the Sky at http://www.dinnerinthesky.com/

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