Business Card Trick

While we were in the US recently, we met up with the magician Joshua Quinn, who took one of our business cards, and performed a truly amazing trick with it.

He folded the card this way and that, did a bit of tearing here and there, and lo and behold - transformed it into two interlinking cardboard rings. Yes - interlinking.

Now common sense says that this is not possible, and that there must be a trick somewhere. Well, the real trick here is that - there is no trick. No seams, no glue, no switch. The two interlocking rings can be handed out and examined. You will never see the trick, because - as we said - there is no trick. The card has been folded and torn, and actually transformed into what many of us would think was an impossible object. However, in reality it is an impossible object that is actually possible.

Any one can apparently learn to do this trick, and Mr Quinn even sells the instructions of how to do it. His web site has a nice video, showing him actually performing the trick!

"The effect is as astonishing as anything in the close-up repertoire. The method is, if anything, even more astonishing still. Conjunction represents a significant leap forward in the art and science of 'impossible' linkage." Ian Rowland.

We don't get a commission on this, by the way. Nor does Joshua Quinn even know we have linked to him. Just in case you were wondering. We just think it is a neat trick!

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