Rubik Cube Cardboard Box

A really nice example of cardboard engineering. This cardboard box was on sale last Christmas in an upmarket retail chain in ...

What do you call a broken Yo-Yo?

This cheap plastic yoyo does not have anything special about it, although it is quite large for a yoyo. Anyway, being ...

Mr Cocktail

No good for James Bond - he liked his cocktails shaken, not stirred!


Magic Mickey

Two takes on the mouse in the box. All done with mirrors surely?


A children's toy butterfly with an elegant and quite realistic action.

Chinese Fortune Sticks

Something to try after you have read your fortune in the tea leaves?


Natural Orange Box

Very ecological - a box made from the part of the orange you normally throw away!


Best toy of 1995? Tim shows a few extra tricks as well...


Don't get in a spin - it is just an executive toy