• The Einstein Hollow Face Illusion

    Probably our favourite illusion. Watch out - Einstein is keeping an eye on you!
  • Reversing Goggles

    These amazing Reversing Goggles allow you to view the world upside down!
  • Antigravity Platform

    Welcome to the Levitron World Stage Antigravity Globe and Platform System. Beam me up Scotty!
  • Beta Pen

    Writing in metal - our incredibly popular Beta Pen!
  • Euler's Disc

    Euler's Disc is a fascinating physics toy that mesmerises everyone that sees it!
  • Magic Candle

    This candle really has a wow factor - people that have never seen it before will just be totally amazed!
  • Solar Dragonfly

    This beautiful and ingenious solar powered dragonfly will fly as long as the sun shines.
  • Solids of Constant Width

    These mathematical curiosities have some intriguing properties.
  • Mirage

    The Mirage is one of those classic toys that has been around for several decades now, but never loses its appeal.
  • Nitinol Teaspoon

    Offer someone this teaspoon to stir their tea - as soon as they dip it into the hot liquid, the spoon bends through 90 degrees!