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iPhone Macro Lens Kit

iPhone Macro Lens KitiPhone Macro Lens KitiPhone Macro Lens KitiPhone Macro Lens Kit

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iPhone Macro Lens Kit

The iPhone takes excellent photographs, but because it cannot focus on objects that are very close, this limits it when it comes to taking real close-up or macro photographs.

This is where the Macro Lens Kit comes in. With its 25 x magnification, you can get as close as 2 cm to an object. This comes close to transforming your iPhone into a picture taking microscope!

THis kit will take about 15 minutes to construct. There are pre-printed, die-cut cardboard parts for the casing,
the lens mount, and the storage box and bracket. In addition you get a precision lens, with a focal length of +30 mm. You will need to provide the glue.

The Macro Lens Kit slips snugly over the end of your iPhone, in such a way that the macro lens is positioned precisely in front of the camera lens. Immediately you are ready to start taking macro photographs. When you have finished, simply remove the macro lens, and pop it inside the storage box, which you also construct from cardboard.

We constructed the Macro Lens Kit in order to test it, and all the photos you see here are ones we took ourselves.

Instructions are supplied in English and in German.

Works with the iPhone 4 and 5

Made in the EU

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