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Wooden Camera Obscura

Wooden Camera ObscuraWooden Camera Obscura

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Wooden Camera Obscura

Hand made from solid mahogany, with glass optics and a ground glass viewing screen, this portable box Camera Obscura is a real collector's item, and would also make a wonderful gift.

The glass lens at the front is set in a brass tube, which fits snugly into the front of the box. You can slide the brass tube in and out, in order to get the image completely sharp.

Inside the box, set at 45 degrees, is a front silvered mirror, which reflects the image up to the ground glass viewing screen, which is 5 inches square. You get a full colour moving image on the glass screen. Used by artists for many centuries, the Camera Obscura is the forerunner to the modern camera.

The wooden box is about 6 inches square, and as well as the ground glass screen, it comes with a sheet of clear acrylic glass, which you can use in place of the ground glass screen. You can place a sheet of tracing paper on top of the acrylic glass, in order to draw the observed image. Alternatively it is also possible to draw directly onto the ground glass screen with a pencil. Pencil marks can be erased later either with a pencil eraser, or by using soapy water.

There is a threaded hole underneath, so the Camera Obscura will fit onto a tripod. Tripod is not included.

Made in USA