Unusual Golf Balls

Unusual Golf Balls

In this video, Tim demonstrates all the crazy and wacky designs of golf ball that he has in his collection.

Some of the designs are pure jokes - such as the exploding golf ball. However some of the other designs have more practical uses. For example the golf ball fitted with a fabric drogue, which allows you to hit a full drive in your back garden, confident that the ball will only travel 10% of the distance that it would travel without the drogue.

There are golf balls that walk away when you hit them, and even golf balls that scream when they are hit! There are golf balls decorated with faces, and others that have a design printed on them with colours, such that you can tell how the ball is spinning in the air. On the other hand, there are the golf balls painted with a camouflage design - once they hit the rough, that will probably be the last you ever see of them!

Golf Cross is a serious sport, designed in New Zealand, where the golf ball is the shape of the rugby ball (although luckily it is still the same size as a golf ball!) Golf Cross involves hitting the ball into a series of nets around the course.

There are golf balls made of soap, and golf ball puzzles. And devices to stop you slicing the ball (helpful) and a gadget you can pop in the hole, which when a ball lands in the hole will then uncoil, and push the ball back out again (less helpful!)

So sit back and enjoy the unusual, the practical and the crazy designs of golf ball that people have dreamed up over the years.