Unusual Drinking Glasses

Unusual Drinking Glasses

There are many unusual drinking glasses available, and Tim has quite a few of them in his collection!

First up is a metal German stein for drinking beer from. The bottom few inches of the glass are made of solid metal though, which makes it extraordinarily heavy. There is also a screw thread in the bottom, so you can even bolt the glass to the table if you want!

Then a wine glass where part of the stem is a sping. So if you fill the glass too full - if you are too greedy - then the glass tips over.

The glass manufacturer Bodum have created a glass tumbler with double thickness walls, and an air gap between (or is it a vacuum?). This allows you to pick up the glass comfortably, even if the contents are extremely hot, or even cold.

Finally a plastic glass that will fold up and fit into your pocket. Once you get to the pub or the bar, you can produce your glass with a flourish!