Spinning Tops

Two Unusual Spinning Tops

Two Unusual Spinning Tops

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Two Unusual Spinning Tops

The first top we call the chameleon top, since it shows a sequence of changing colours. It looks a little bit like a tippe top, in other words a top that when you spin it, turns upside down, so that it is spinning on the little handle. However when you spin this top, it very soon moves so that it is spinning on its side. There are four coloured circles painted around the edge of the top, and the combined effect of the spinning and rotating movement of the top means that when we look down on it, we see each of these colours appear in turn. Amazing!

The second top has an unusual design, with a wooden ball placed half way along the wooden stick. Spin it and the top rotates at an angle. As the wooden ball gradually gets lower, the top seems to speed up. Is this an example of the conversion of potential energy to kinetic energy? We are not sure, but it is an intriguing little top.

If you purchase this item, you get BOTH spinning tops included.