Trick Box 2

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Trick Box 2

This wooden box is 42 x 42 x 60mm, and is made mostly of cherry wood. Just like the Trick Box 1, one face has a little inlaid design. The challenge is -again - to open the box! This box has a harder mechanism than Trick Box 1.

The Japanese are probably the masters at making these intricate wooden trick boxes, which are always a pleasure to handle and to operate.

There are 2 moves, but the first is really unexpected, and very few people will solve it without help. Once you have made the first move, the second move simply involves sliding out the lid, and is obvious. However the first move will fool almost everyone!

We provide a solution with the box, but of course don't give the solution here! The internal space in the box is about 20 x 20 x 32mm.

Each of our Trick Boxes has a completely different mechanism that you need to solve, in order to open the box.

Made in Japan