Trick Box 1

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Trick Box 1

This beautiful little wooden box is 47 x 47 x 47mm, and is made of walnut and Japanese elm. One face has a little inlaid design. The challenge is to open the box!

The Japanese are probably the masters at making these intricate wooden trick boxes, which are always a pleasure to handle and to operate.

This is a relatively simple box, that can be opened in 3 moves. (Some boxes take 12 or more moves to open!) Nevertheless, not many people will be able to solve it.

We provide a solution with the box, but of course don't give the solution here! The internal space in the box is about 20 x 22 x 34mm.

If you want an even harder puzzle, have a look at Trick Box 2.

Each of our Trick Boxes has a completely different mechanism that you need to solve, in order to open the box.

Made in Japan