Toys from 1992

Toys from 1992

Tim Rowett has around 18,000 toys in his collection, and they are catalogued by date, i.e. when Tim acquired the toy. So when Tim delves into his toy archives to bring us more treasures from the collection, he often will bring to the studio a case of toys that all date from the same time. Here we have some toys that Tim collected in 1992.

There is a carved wooden apple, where you can remove the lid and store small items inside. A Japanese inventor created the fortune telling dice or Tarot dice - this is battery powered, and when you wave your hand over the crystal ball (actually it is plastic!) the little motor hidden in the base will agitate the dice for a few seconds, before it settles down to show... your fortune maybe! However the toy does have a habit of springing into life at random moments!

There is a little flipbook showing a teddy bear getting dressed in the morning, ready to go out. Also an instant snow ball maker - a plastic tongs mechanism which allows you to make snow balls without your hands getting wet or cold!

A little hand help zoetrope shows a horse and rider. A thumb push mechanism powers it very elegantly. And a classic bottle by the late Harry Eng. This one has a doll inside. Her eyes open and close as you tilt the bottle. However the doll's head is much wider than the neck of the bottle. How is it done? From Asia a nice craft toy - the bear brush!

Finally two musical toys. Paddle Drums are bats which can be tuned. Tim only has 2 but in theory you could have a whole octave and as you bat the ball from one person to the next, it would be possible to play a tune. A bit like hand bells maybe. And finally an Ocean Drum. This drum has a large number of tiny metal balls inside, and as you tilt the drum too and fro, you hear the sea wash as the waves break on the beach. Very soothing!