Welcome to the Toy Museum

Tim Rowett has been collecting toys for nearly 40 years, and his amazing collection now has more than 20,000 items in it!

A few of the more recent items can still be found in the shops, but most of the toys you will see here are no longer available. Many toys are only made for a year or two, and then fashion, taste and technology move on.

So, welcome to the Toy Museum.


Back in 1991, Tim went to a Puzzle Party in Los Angeles, and he met a young New Zealander called Steve Harvey. It turned out that Steve was living in London at the time, not far away from Tim, and they subsequently met up on quite a few occasions, since they shared an interest in puzzles. Back in the mid 1980s, Steve had been invited to a fancy dress party in London, and he created this amazing 'suit of arms'. When he returned to New Zealand some years later, he kindly donated this amazing suit to Tim, who has been proudly wearing it ever since. Not every day of course!


A few of you have kindly asked about making donations in order to support our YouTube channel. So while there is no obligation whatsoever to donate anything, if you would like to support us, we would be very grateful.


Any donations will be spent on buying additional equipment, so we can shoot and edit better quality videos.

We would like to be able to buy some professional lights, probably a couple of Kino Flo Diva lights. Secondly, a radio microphone system with two microphones. Third, an Avid based editing system. And finally a set of tracks for our existing tripod and jib arm system.

We get a small amount of money each month because of the ads on our YouTube channel, and we make a small amount of profit from the Grand Illusions Toy Shop mail order business, so we will buy these things anyway, as and when we can afford them. However we are currently talking about a timescale of years rather than months. Any donations will mean that we can buy these things sooner.

Thank you from Tim, Hendrik, George and Adele.