Toy Misscellany 2

Toy Misscellany 2

Here is another baker's dozen of weird and wonderful toys from Tim's collection!

First, three folding items. A coathanger that folds down into a tiny square, a folding toothbrush and a folding razor. The last 2 look like the kind of disposable items you might get in a hotel or on an airplane.

Then we have some unusual cards. There is a crooked deck - in fact they are cut on the slant. Not easy to shuffle! And then a set of cards where each card has 2 different values on the front.

The biro that 'floats' in a magnetic field is an executive desk toy; then we have waistcoats for wine bottles, a humane mouse trap, and some very strange sunglasses - they do not have lenses, instead they have blinds, rather like venetian blinds, which shade your eyes from the sun, so long as it is sufficiently high in the sky.

Then we have a child's story book that is also a Jacob's Ladder - when you have finished reading the book, flip the Jacob's Ladder and a whole new series of pictures will appear! An old fashioned skill toy, where you have to keep the metal washers spinning on the metal rod.

And finally a puzzle that Tim has never seen anywhere else. A small pair of trousers, with a marble inside. The challenge is to get the marble out. Unfortunately the trousers have been stitched all round, so there is no exit. However there is one seam, created with what we call a reversible running stitch, which you can open up if you pull it one way, extract the marble, and then close the running stitch by pulling it the other way. Very clever!