Toy Miscellany

Toy Miscellany

Sometimes, when Tim brings round several cases of his toys, we realise that he is acquiring them faster than we can document them and put them up here on the web site. So while Tim was going through one of his cases from 1995, we got him to demonstrate 4 of the toys in quick succession!

The Tyrolean thumb toy is a nice craft item, made in wood rather than the plastic that we tend to see these days. Thumb toys gently collapse when you push the underside with your thumb, and then pop up again when you remove your thumb. We have an unusual example elsewhere on the site of a thumb toy that shows the Musicians of Bremen. This toy has an extra feature which is the use of magnets to allow the little figure to lean over and then to pick up the football on his head. Excellent!

The Ultimate Wooden Puzzle is a bit of a tease, since it is simply a packet of wood shavings! A friend of Tim's once claimed to have solved it, and presented Tim with a small block of wood, but we suspect he cheated somehow!

A plastic clothes peg is maybe not the most exciting object in the world, but here they acquire a rubber skin and become friendly little sharks.

Finally, never one to resist a good tiara (or is it a carnival crown?) Tim has added this glittery example to his collection. The smooth folding mechanism is what attracts him to this toy. Well, that it what he says!