Tom Noddy

Tom Noddy

Welcome to the magical world of Tom Noddy, who has been enchanting audiences with his bubble making skills since the 1980s. Here he is on the David Letterman show in 2007.

Some of the most amazing effects involve the use of smoke. In the early days Tom used to smoke a cigarette as part of the act, and use the smoke in his bubbles. But having given up smoking years ago, he needs to create his smoke another way.

Tom now often uses small fog machines on stage, which use water and a glycol-based liquid which is approved as a food additive. More information about Tom Noddy, his amazing world of bubbles, and even his fog machine can be found at the Tom Noddy web site.

So we were very intrigued to hear from a Grand Illusions visitor called Philip Noble, who uses our Zero Launcher as his way of filling bubbles with the same type of fog that Tom Noddy uses. The next video shows Philip demonstrating a variety of fog filled bubbles.

Philip has adapted the Zero Launcher. Instead of the fog coming out of the hole at the front, a tube has been glued in place, which delivers the fog wherever it is needed. A second tube has been added at the top of the Zero Launcher, and by blowing through this tube, the fog emerges from the tube at the front. And not a cigarette in sight!

We also found a video of Tom performing his bubble magic on German television, which you can see here. It looks as if he is using a Zero Launcher too!