String Toys

String Toys

For this selection of toys from his collection, Tim has chosen toys that operate on the string. Some climb up a string, some descend a string, and some can climb and descend the string!

Firstly there are some examples of what we call the stick and slip mechanism. These toys descend down a string in little steps or jerks, and this gives a pleasing animation effect to the toy. Tim shows a descending woodpecker, some coins on a string which he made himself and which he calls Pennies from Heaven! Then there is the descending leaf - maybe it is the last leaf of summer! Then there is a version with small wooden rings, which is also a skill game - as the rings descend you have to try and get them over the little wooden peg at the bottom.

We then have a wooden ball which descends the string, but under control. You can stop it at any point by increasing the tension on the string.

Next up are a few toys that can climb and descend the string. Generally using a two pulley system tucked away inside.

We have a wooden craft toy that as you alternately make the string tighter and looser, climbs up the string.

Finally we have a slightly more high tech toy - a battery powered spider which also has a sound sensor inside. Speak quietly and nothing happens. But the minute there is a louder noise, the spider becomes frightened, and quickly drops down the string, out of harms way. Then the spider climbs up the string again when the coast is clear! One use for this toy is to hang in in your porch, to frighten unwary visitors. When someone approaches the door or rings the bell, the spider appears and startles them. Then, once they have run away screaming, the spider re-sets itself, ready for the next victim!