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Stirling Engine Kit

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Stirling Engine Kit

The Stirling engine was invented by the Reverend Dr Robert Stirling in 1816. It works from an external heat source, converting this heat energy into mechanical energy. It is traditionally referred to as an external combustion engine (rather than an internal combustion engine).

The kit consists of gold-printed, pre-punched cardboard, plus laser-cut aluminium pieces, together with axles, bearings, a foam piston and a latex seal. You will need to supply your own glue.

This kit will allow you to build your own working Stirling engine. It will take a good few hours to construct, and we would suggest that it is suitable for ages 14 and upwards.

It will run simply from the heat of a cup of tea or coffee. We sat it on top of a stove, and it ran very happily. So long as the external heat source is present, the motor will continue to run.

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