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Steam Engine Kit

Steam Engine KitSteam Engine Kit

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Steam Engine Kit

This sophisticated pre-punched cardboard kit will enable you to build a working steam engine!

The boiler, made from an aluminium tin, has a magnetic safety valve. The aluminium fire box underneath holds five tea lights. Both are enclosed in a safety cage made from galvanised wire mesh. The steam is conducted through a closed system of tubes and plastic foil before being emitted through the chimney.

This clever construction keeps cardboard and steam separated with the piston being moved by a bellows made from the finger of a plastic glove.

Construction time: 20-30 hours. Suggested age - adult.

The kit includes aluminium sheet, aluminium tin, wire mesh, bearings, syringes, silicon tube, ring magnet, plastic glove, steel axles, and other parts needed for construction. You will need to supply glue.

Size: 300mm x 210mm x 210mm

This steam engine can be used to drive the Ferris Wheel Kit (needs to be bought separately).