Spring Toys 2010

Spring Toys 2010

February is always a busy month for our toy collector Tim Rowett, since he attends the Toy Fair in Nurenburg, and then immediately after that there is the New York Toy Fair. The toys in this video were all acquired around the time of the two toy fairs in February 2010, but were not actually from the toy fairs themselves.

There are three tin automata toys, a giraffe which gently lowers its head to graze on the vegetation, a musical skeleton who uses his companions ribs as a xylophone, and a recreation of the famous orange tree magic trick that was originally performed by Robert Houdin.

We have some beer mats produced by the Guinness company, with amusing little puzzles on them, or ding bats as Tim calls them; A comb with an integrated clip so that it will stay securely in your top pocket and not fall out; a nice little WIF ( or what is it for?) which turns out to be a device to hold a tea bag as you lower it into your cup, and which will then give the tea bag a little squeeze when you are ready to remove it from the tea; also some unusual glasses, which have a collection of tiny pin holes - apparently useful for exercising the eyes!

A sound machine contains a range of wacky and entertaining noises, with very high quality; we have an amazing wine glass that has been built into a wine bottle; some key fobs that all have a great 'fiddle factor' to them, from edamame beans that you can pop out of the pod to a device that allows you to pull the ring tab and hear that magical fizz as you release the pressure in the tin - but as this is electronic, you can do it over and over again!

Finally a set of elegant flip books that are all different shapes and sizes, and fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.