Spinning Tops Part 2

Spinning Tops Part 2

Always a popular toy, Tim Rowett has acquired a great many spinning tops in his amazing toy collection.

Here is the second selection that he has brought out from the archives, for your viewing pleasure!

An intriguing Japanese wooden top with a triangular design painted on the top turns into Mount Fuji (or Mount Fujiyama) when spun; an unusual German top that has been carved from a single piece of wood, yet has a couple of independent wooden rings around the middle, with an unusual action when spun.

A tongue in cheek offering with a 'learner' top with trainer wheels to stop it falling over!

Finally a selection of tops that work on the 'Tippe Top' principle, and an unusual wooden 'snapping top.'

We have a small sample of tops for sale in the Grand Illusions Toy Shop.