Spinning Tops Part 1

Spinning Tops Part 1

In his ever growing toy collection (18,000 at the last count) Tim Rowett has acquired a great many spinning tops. Arguably these are among the oldest of toys in the world, since a great many designs can be carved from a piece of wood. At the same time, there are modern versions of tops coming out all the time, and some even have batteries, led lights and a motor inside.

Here Tim has brought out a small sample of tops from his collection, and demonstrates them for your entertainment!

The selection here includes the largest and the smallest tops in the collection, a ring that acts like a Tippe Top, and when you spin it, it turns the other way up!

There are some ingenious launching mechanisms, including a drop top and also a top with a spring loaded trigger mechanism, that hops and spins, and is even supposed to make a noise!

Over the coming weeks and months, we will bring you more tops from Tim's collection.

We have a small sample of tops for sale in the Grand Illusions Toy Shop.