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Solar Dragonfly

Solar Dragonfly

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Solar Dragonfly

This beautiful and ingenious solar powered dragonfly will fly as long as the sun shines. It will also work using a light bulb.

The small solar panel powers a 0.5V motor, which connects to the dragonfly by a fine wire. As the motor spins, the wire turns rapidly, and the dragonfly flutters elegantly in a circle. Have a look at the video to see the dragonfly in action.

The dragonflies come in a range of colours, and as they are hand painted, no two are exactly the same.

The speed of the dragonfly will vary as the sun changes its brightness during the day, and as clouds come and go. Made by the same small French company that makes the solar butterfly for us, we have added this item to our range because so many of you asked for it - having seen the item while visiting France!

Made in EU

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