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Solar Butterfly

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Solar Butterfly

This beautiful and ingenious solar butterfly will flutter around the flowers as long as the sun shines. Although unlike a real butterfly, this will also work at night time using a light bulb.

The small solar panel powers a 0.5V motor, which connects to the butterfly by a fine wire. The real charm of this toy is the realistic fluttering of the butterfly. As the motor spins, the wire turns rapidly, and as well as the butterfly moving in a circle, the wings flutter up and down very realisitically. Have a look at the video to see this.

The butterflies come in a wide range of colours, and as they are hand painted, no two are exactly the same. Colours include yellow, orange, green, pink, dark purple, blue, light purple and red. We cannot guarantee to provide a precise colour, but if you have a strong preference, please put a note in the shipping instructions, and we will do what we can.

The speed of the butterfly will vary as the sun changes its brightness during the day, and as clouds come and go.

Made in EU

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