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Retroscopes are portable peepshow style viewers. Turn the handle and the little movie will animate in front of your eyes! If you turn the handle slowly, you can see the images one by one; turn the handle more quickly, and you get smooth, full speed motion.

There are 36 images in the movie, which cycles endlessly. Entitled 'Tip Toe through Times Square' the sequence showsan animaed sequence of cars and taxis in Times Square... but wait, what is that giant turtle doing there?

These Retroscopes are beautifully made, and it is a tribute to the accuracy of their design that the (non moving) background remains so steady.

Originally called the Mutoscope, this was an early motion picture device. The Mutoscope was patented in 1894, and enjoyed a long life as coin-in-the-slot peepshow machines. In the UK these machines, often called 'What the Butler Saw' machines, were fairly common in amusement arcades and on piers.

Our Mutoscope comes in a purpose made cardboard box, which will protect it when not in use.

Made in USA