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PrimoGraf Drawing Machine

PrimoGraf Drawing MachinePrimoGraf Drawing Machine

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PrimoGraf Drawing Machine

The PrimoGraf is a hand cranked drawing machine, hand made for us by Joe Freedman of Leaf PDX in Portland, Oregon - see

Using wooden gears with prime number based gears, an infinite array of drawings can be made. It is effectively a visual investigation of the harmonics between gears with prime numbers of teeth. It comes complete with 7 gears, 2 set of rods and penholders, so you can create many variations. Different setups can be achieved instantly by simply picking different holes.

Beautifully made from walnut, basswood, and solid brass, Grand Illusions is especially proud to be able to offer this elegant and unusual product. Each one is individually numbered. The box is 300 x 140 x 38mm.