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Myriorama or Polyorama

Myriorama or PolyoramaMyriorama or Polyorama

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Myriorama or Polyorama

The Myriorama or Polyorama originally dates from the mid 18th century, and consists of a series of illustrated cards which combine to form an 'endless landscape' - you can place the cards in any order, and the pictures will still fit together to create a continuous landscape.

10 cards means that there are factorial 10 possibilities, i.e. 3,628,800 different pictures that can be made.

This set is a really beautiful reproduction of an original polyorama; the individual pictures are each 7cm x 18cm, and are presented on very thick card. The 10 cards come in a presentation box. This would make a wonderful present - if you could bear to part with it.

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