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Pinscreen consists of an array of pins arranged in a perforated block. By pushing an object against the back of Pinscreen, an 'image' of the object appears at the front, created out of the pins that have been pushed forward. Tilt the Pinscreen backwards, and all the pins return to their starting position, and the picture is erased.

The Pinscreen was originally created in 1976 by Ward Fleming, an American inventor. His early creations were large screens that appeared in museums and art galleries. In the 1980s he created the smaller hand held version that you see here.

We think this is the largest version of the handheld Pinscreen, at 13 x 18cm.

More information about the history of the Pinscreen is available HERE.

The pins have been cut off and blunted at the back, so as not to be dangerous. However it is important that people do not try and create an image of their face, with their eyes open. Even blunted pins are not a good thing to get in your eye! For this reason, we suggest the pinscreen should be used by people age 16+.

Made in Taiwan

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