Pentakis Kaleidoscope

Pentakis Kaleidoscope

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Pentakis Kaleidoscope

Pentakis is a three-sided mirror kaleidoscope, made from a simple but ingeniously formed sheet of metal that creates an astonishing optical microcosm!

In order to generate the maximum light reflection, the aluminium surface of the Pentakis is vacuum coated with silicide and titanium. Incident light creates a twelve rayed Kepler star.

Thanks to the five fold symmetry axis, the three dihedral angles (60, 60 and 72 degrees) reflect and re-reflect light to create a spherical pentakis dodecahedron, generating a total of 60 reflections! Pentakis is therefore a 60-fold kaleidoscope.

Pentakis is 15cm in length, and comes with a cardboard stand. Alternatively you can hang it from a fine thread.

Pentakis is designed by a Swiss inventor, Professor Caspar Schwabe, from the Kurashiki University of Science and Art.

Made in the EU