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Pair of Tunnel Light Pendants

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Pair of Tunnel Light Pendants

This is really a childrens toy, but we liked it enough to include it here. It combines two optical phenomena.

Basically it is a chunky plastic silver pendant, that comes on a black neck strap. 7cm across, the front appears to be simply a mirror. However when you switch it on, a series of LEDs light up inside, and give the impression of an endless 'tunnel', stretching away behind the mirror.

We have not opened up a pendant yet, to see exactly how it works. But it seems to be along the following lines... The front mirror is only half silvered, so when the lights inside the pendant are off, it just seems to be a mirror. However when the LEDs are on, we can then see through the front mirror.

Behind the front mirror is a second mirror, and just like that effect in a lift that has internal mirrors and where you can wave your hand and see an endless row of hands waving away into the distance, here the LEDs become an endless succession of lights, that appear to stretch away into the distance.

As you press the button on the back, the LEDs cycle through various colour options, sometimes with the LEDs on constantly, sometimes with the LEDs flashing.

The pendants are 7cm across, and come on a black neck strap. We are selling them as a pair.

Made in China

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