Orrery Kit

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Orrery Kit

This advanced kit allows you to build your own orrery, a mechanical model of the solar system. This version shows the sun, Mercury, Venus, the Moon and Earth.

When you turn the handle, this causes a number of motions to occur : the inner planets Mercury and Venus revolve around the sun; the moon orbits the earth, and the moon and the earth orbit the sun; the axis of the earth remains in the same inclination, which allows us to see how the seasons are caused.

The kit comes as a number of sheets of heavy duty, printed and punched card, together with all the accessories. The sun has an internal battery (supplied) and LED lights, and thus lights up.

Many celestial processes can be seen. Not only the change of the seasons, but the phases of the moon, and the behaviour in the sky of planets like Venus, which sometimes appear in the morning, and sometimes in the evening.

The completed model is 31cm high and 35cm wide.

Supplied with full assembly instructions. This is a sophisticated kit, and is recommended for ages 14+.

Made in EU

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