Oodles of Origami

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Oodles of Origami

Welcome to the exciting world of Origami! Oru is the Japanese word meaning to fold, and kami is the Japanese word for paper. So you can see the origin of the word Origami. It simply means the art of paper folding.

This complete starter pack consists of 64 sheets of Origami paper of differing sizes (16 sheets each of 8.5cm, 10cm, 15cm and 20cm), a 64 page Origami Instruction Booklet, and a pre-made paper Peace Crane.

What is the connection between a turtle, a piano and a frog? There are instructions for making these - and other - objects in the Origami Intruction Booklet that comes included with this kit.

The final item in the Booklet is the instructions for making the Japanese Peace Crane. A Japanese legend says that if you fold 1,000 Peace Cranes, your wish will come true.