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Moiré Kit

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Moiré Kit

This pack comprises an in depth investigation into the fascinating properties of Moirés, or interference patterns.

There are 7 sets of screens (18 x 12.5 cm, printed on photographic film, although one set of screens is double size) each demonstrating a different effect. One of the most amazing effects is where the Moiré pattern becomes magnified, when you rotate one screen against the other.

1. Imaging Screens Composed of Typewritten Characters
2. Random Array Reference and Image Screens
3. Rectilinear Array Reference and Image Screens
4. Linear Array Reference and Image Screens
5. Screen Tints
6. Screen Tint Angle Indicator/Graphical Data Encoder
7. Floating Moiré Grid Screens

There is also a 66 page booklet, published as a pdf and supplied on CD-ROM, that explores the background of Moiré patterns in some detail, including quite a bit of the maths. The CD also includes all the screens included in the pack as high resolution TIFF files.

This is a fascinating pack, that really gives a lot of detailed information.

Made in USA