Mirrorkal Escher

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Mirrorkal Escher

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Nine cubes fit into the frame to create a picture. However... this is a subtle and challenging puzzle that will delight and infuriate in equal measure. Each cube contains a mirror, which is angled at 45 degrees. So when you look at an individual cube, you will see a reflection from one of the four sides. Rotate the block and the image will change! It can also mean that even though you might have placed a block in the correct position, you will see the 'wrong' image because the block next to it is not the correct one!

Invented by Ivan Moscovich, this type of puzzle was originally called Mirror Blocks. However he has now renamed it Mirrorkal! Ivan actually met Escher in 1964, and this puzzle contains 5 separate Escher images. In other words, by rearranging the blocks you can recreate any one of these 5 images.

The puzzle comes in a smart presentation box.

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