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Mind Reading Discs

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Mind Reading Discs

This is a fabulous magic trick!

Show your audience the five different coloured brass discs and the brass container. They are welcome to inspect them as closely as they like.

Then, while your back is turned, a spectator places 4 of the discs in the brass container, screwing on the brass top firmly. They place the remaining disc in the black bag (which can also be inspected beforehand). They can even place the black bag in their pocket at this stage, to increase the mystery!

You will now be able to tell the spectators which 4 colour discs are in the brass container, and which one is in the bag.

The props can be examined closely. Better still, you do not need any sleight of hand or switching in order to perform this amazing trick.

This trick is also known as Super Sight, and Mystic Chips!

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