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Mikro Man Diet

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Mikro Man Diet

Welcome to the world of Mikro Man!

Amazingly engineered to fold up from a 150 micron-thick piece of precision-etched stainless steel, 95 x 35mm (flat). To promote his design skills, British product designer Sam Buxton used a process he discovered in the electronics industry to devise a stainless steel business card that could unfold into a 3-D replica of himself working at his computer. A manufacturer spotted it at a London design expo and now you can own one of nine Mikro-Man designs.

In this design, Mikro Man has popped out to the local supermarket. However he is watching his diet, and has been quite frugal with his purchases. It looks like some low calory drinks are the main item. Seems to be a bit low on the fruit and vegetables though!