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Mikro Man

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Mikro Man

Welcome to the world of Mikro Man!

Amazingly engineered to fold up from a 150 micron-thick piece of precision-etched stainless steel, 95 x 35mm (flat). To promote his design skills, British product designer Sam Buxton used a process he discovered in the electronics industry to devise a stainless steel business card that could unfold into a 3-D replica of himself working at his computer. A manufacturer spotted it at a London design expo and now you can own one of nine Mikro-Man designs.

This model is The Player. The scene is familiar to millions. Relaxing at home in a favourite chair, console in hand, he's winding down with a beer and a game. Looks like a new personal high-score!

Mikro designs are not suitable for children under 12 due to small parts and sharp edges.

Sam Buxton has stopped making the Mikro Man range. We have just a few left, which are selling out fast. Once they are gone, there will be no more.