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Mephisto Spiral - large

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Mephisto Spiral - large

An optical illusion, or a magic trick - take your pick! We first came across this many years ago, but it is hard to find, and few people have seen it.

It looks like 2 interlocking wire spirals. In your hands, the two spirals seem to wind together or wind apart, completely effortlessly. However when you hand the Mephisto Spiral over to someone else, they find that they cannot replicate the action - the two wire spirals are completely rigid.

Alternatively, by simply moving your hands in one direction, you can make the two spirals appear to unwind, yet however many times you repeat the action, the two spirals never come apart.

The small one is better for close up demonstrations, the large one is designed for demonstrating to slightly larger groups.

Instructions on how to handle to Mephisto Spiral and create the illusion are included.

The large Mephisto Spiral is 44cm long

Made in the USA

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