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Magnetic Torpedoes

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Magnetic Torpedoes

An unusual item this. Basically a pair of super magnets, covered with a deep dark green glaze. We think that they probably contain a sinter of neodymium, iron and boron.

Place the two magnets about 20cm apart on a smooth surface. Then make one of the magnets spin. The magnetic coupling between the two will cause the second magnet to start spinning in a - literally - chaotic fashion.

The second trick you can do with these magnets is quite dramatic. Separate the two magnets in your hand by about 2 inches (holding them firmly otherwise they will just lock together) and then throw them up in the air together. Because they are magnets they will attract each other of course. But initially they will 'rattle' in the air. The sound is amazing - something like a demented cicada or the 'fizzing' of a high voltage current. It will last for a couple of seconds before the magnets finally lock together. You can try misdirecting your audience by pretending to 'wind up' one magnet against the other, or by pretending to switch on the mechanism, before you throw the magnets in the air.

These torpedoes are 4.5cm in length.


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