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Magnetic Top

Magnetic Top

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Magnetic Top

This elegant perspex spinning top has a spindle that is magnetic. This allows a most intriguing action to occur. Place the supplied metal spiral on a flat surface, and then spin the top so that it is touching the edge of the spiral. Because the top is spinning, it causes the spiral to move in a most unexpected fashion. The top remains spinning in the same place, and the spiral moves so that the top works its way round the inner edge and then the outer edge of the spiral. This action continues as long as the top remains spinning. Hard to describe, however the video shows it very clearly.

We also supply a metal snake with this top, and when you spin the top with the tip touching the snake, the snake wiggles too and fro in a most unusual way. You can even use the spiral and the snake at the same time, as we show in the video.

Tops like this were made in Victorian times. However the top was then made mostly of wood, so it was harder to see what was happening underneath.

Our spiral also has numbers on it, so it can also be used in a variety of games.

The Magnetic Top is 6cm high and 6.5cm wide.

Made in EU

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