Magic Square Tile Puzzle 25

Magic Square Tile Puzzle 25Magic Square Tile Puzzle 25

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Magic Square Tile Puzzle 25

This new puzzle from Cheatwell Games consists of 25 square card pieces, that are supplied in an attractive presentation box.

Each piece has a butterfly in the centre. There are 5 different butterfly designs, and each butterfly appears on 5 different tiles, making 25 tiles in all. However the puzzle is a lot more complex than it appears. Each tile has parts of a butterfly around the edge, and so all edges have to match.

The simpler solution is to make a 5 x 5 square, in which all the edges match. However even this is not all that simple.

The more challenging solution involves forming a 5 x 5 square, in which each design of butterfly appears once and once only on each horizontal or vertical line. This makes the puzzle rather like a visual version of Sudoko.

With elegant artwork, and the tiles printed onto thick, quality card, this is an attractive and challenging puzzle.