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Magic Penny Kit

Magic Penny KitMagic Penny KitMagic Penny Kit

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Magic Penny Kit

Sponsored by Brunel University, The Institute of Physics and The Royal Institution in London, this is the expanded 4th Edition of the Magic Penny Magnet Kit.

The smart presentation box contains 2 super strong magnets encased in stainless steel, 32 newly minted British coins plus a bonus U.S. one cent coin, and an activity booklet packed with 44 investigations, plus further magnet facts.

Balance 4 coins on the edge of a glass, spin pennies at 1,000 revolutions per minute, build gravity-defying sculptures and levitating pyramids, magically move pennies up ramps, over bridges and along tightropes!

With Magic Penny Magnets and some everyday objects, you can peform feats that even top scientists and engineers have found amazing - things that before the change of UK pennies from copper to steel in 1992, none of them had seen before!

Suggested Age 8+. Adult supervision is recommended.