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Low Temperature Stirling Engine

Low Temperature Stirling EngineLow Temperature Stirling EngineLow Temperature Stirling Engine

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Low Temperature Stirling Engine

One spin of the flywheel and this Low Temperature Stirling Engine shows a clean and simple way of converting thermal energy into motion.

This engine will operate from many heat sources, including hot water, computer monitor, TV and the human hand. As long as there is a small difference (about 10 degrees) in temperature between the upper and lower plates this engine will run.

The ready assembled engine is supplied in a rigid black card tube, approximately 160mm diameter and 200mm tall.

This Low Temperature Stirling Engine has black anodised aluminium top and bottom plates. Aluminium has excellent thermal properties, and conducts heat very efficiently.

Engine features:-

- Low profile heat insulated chamber pillars, giving a flat bottom and good surface contact with heat source
- Both connecting rods are positively located using low friction PEEK and stainless steel screws
- All airtight seals are made with high strength precision screw threads and nitrile O rings
- Ultra low friction demagnetised and de-greased bearings, NO lubrication required
- Fully CNC machined, giving crisp, clean and tidy edges all over
- Engine parts ultrasonically cleaned before hand assembly

Engine materials:-

- Stainless steel connecting rods and ball-race bearings
- Micron precision Borosilicate glass cylinder
- Micron precision Graphite power piston
- Aluminium main pillar, hub and spokes
- Brass chamber pillars and flywheel rim
- Brass gland and cylinder holder

Engine dimensions:-

- Base plates - 92mm diameter, 2mm thick
- Displacer - 70mm diameter, 8mm thick
- Flywheel - 82mm diameter, 4mm thick
- Power piston - 9.5mm diameter
- Overall height - 120mm

Made in the UK

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