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Large Music Box Set

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10 Blank Strips for the Large Music Box Set

Large Music Box Set

This is the 'big brother' version of the Music Box Set. It has 20 notes instead of 15, so it can play 2.5 octaves. As a music box, it is quite a bit bigger, at 14.5 x 7 x 2.75cm high.

Again, like the smaller music box, it just plays the white notes, and does not play sharps or flats.

Included is the Music Box, one pre-punched strip which plays Romeo and Juliet, 2 blank strips, and a hole punch, so that you can create your own tunes! The strips are 66 x 7cm. We can also supply more blank strips.

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As well as a fun way to learn about music, there are also some serious musicians out there who are using the music box, including Hannah Peel. There is also an app that has been written that allows you to test out new songs and compositions, and when you are happy with the result, you can print out a guide to help you punch out the paper strip. More information can be found here...

Made in China

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