Kaleidosphere - Large

Kaleidosphere - Large

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Kaleidosphere - Large

The Kaleidosphere is an extraordinary kaleidoscope, created by the British artist and sculptor Nick Moore, who has designed optical installations for major galleries and museums around the world.

The Kaleidosphere is a modern take on a Kaleidoscope. It looks like a mirrored perpex obelisk. Unlike a Kaleidoscope, the Kaleidosphere gives an optical illusion 3D effect of huge radiating spheres created through slits in the mirrors which let light in along the inside of the optical mirror walls and a crystal ball at the end condenses any colour and shape in your environment when you point the Kaleidosphere around you, so when you look inside, you see multiple curved images of the world as a background. Within the sealed interior are 3 perspex spheres, that roll to and fro as you tilt the Kaleidosphere.

We pointed a small digital camera into a Kaleidosphere, and shone two little LED lights inside, and obtained the picture you see here. Another very interesting effect is obtained by shining a small lasers in through the end that you view through, and illuminating the inside including the perspex spheres. Remember to be careful not to shine any laser directly into your eyes though.

This is the large size kaleidosphere, and it is 24 inches in length. Packed in an attractive box, it would make an amazing and unique gift.


Made in China