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Impossible Bottle

Impossible Bottle

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Impossible Bottle

A glass bottle containing a full deck of cards... the cards, which are full sized Blue Bicycle Brand playing cards, are in 'brand new deck order' and they are also in full factory cellophane. However, the deck of cards is much too big to pass through the neck of the bottle. Which makes it impossible....!

Many people have heard of Harry Eng (1932 - 1996) who created many 'Impossible Bottles' during his life. The guarantee with all of Harry Eng's bottles was that everything must pass into the bottle through the neck and must be in a perfect, usable condition should the bottle be broken to remove the objects.

This version of an impossible bottle was inspired by Harry Eng, and is hand made by the British magician Chris Harding. He has also signed a tag of authenticity that comes attached to each bottle.

An intriguing (and impossible) object for your home or office. Or maybe a very unusual gift.

As these are hand made, they are only available in small quantities.

Watch the video...

The bottle is 21cm high, including the cork.

Assembled in the UK

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