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Ice Heart Maker

Ice Heart Maker

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Ice Heart Maker

We came across this as a sample at the 2011 New York Toy Fair, and we originally showed it in our Toy Collection. However we only had the one, and at the time no-one was making it. Having had a number of people asking where they could get one, we decided to have them made ourselves. So here it is - the Ice Heart Maker!

You place a piece of ice on one half of the Ice Heart Maker, and pop the other half on top. The ice cube melts extraordinarily quickly ( see the video! ) and you are left with a small piece of ice roughly heart shaped.

Now making heart shaped ice cubes is not really the point. A simple plastic ice tray would allow you to make dozens, all at once. Rather this is a nice piece of physics. The two chunks of aluminium have a high thermal conductivity, and also quite a large thermal mass. They therefore have the ability to melt the ice cube extraordinarily fast.

By contrast, aluminium foil is so thin, it has a very low thermal mass, so even if you take a very hot dish out of the oven, you can immediately touch any foil that you might have used to cover your food with, and you will not burn yourself. Do not touch the dish though!

The two pieces of aluminium have been anodised in a gold colour. The two guide rods are stainless steel.

Made in the UK