Optical Illusions


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The hyperscope is an extraordinary optical instrument that will allow you to view the world in a completely different way.

Superficially it looks very similar to the pseudoscope that we sell, but the hyperscope is different.

Normally, our eyes are about 65 mm apart. Using this separation, the brain produces a three dimensional view of the world. However, using a system of mirrors, the hyperscope widens the apparent distance between your eyes... to 415 mm. The effect of this is to make the world much more three dimensional!

A good demonstration with new subjects who may at first be visually inhibited is to stand about 10 ft (3m) away from them and ask them to look at you through the hyperscope. Hold your hand, with fingers apart, in front of your face, with the back of your hand touching your nose, and ask them to estimate the distance between your hand and your face. Most answers are between 6 inches (15cm) and 2 ft (61cm) or more, and you will find it useful, keeping your hand pressed against your face, to turn sideways to convince them. Some subjects try to calculate the distance from the bend in your arm, but that's thinking not seeing.

After the previous demonstration, instead of holding your hand against your face, extend your arm full length towards the observer. Not only will it now appear to be several feet long, but your hand, instead of being larger, will appear diminished in size.

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The hyperscope is supplied in a smart protective case with a protective foam insert, and includes a neck strap.

Made in the UK